Commissioned: Hot Pants

My friend Cynthia (a dancer extraordinaire) has asked me to make her some leggings. Yes, you heard that correctly. I have been commissioned to make knitted pants. Not shorts, though–nothing too scandalous. This whole conversation started a long time ago and involved some measurements; I sent C off to find some yarn. But, after a year or so went by, I figured it had been a whim and nothing would come of it.

Then, as I was boarding a plane to San Francisco, I got the text: “I’m in the yarn store in North Carolina . . . what should I buy and how much?” I did a double take and proceeded to walk C through the ins and outs of yarn buying (from afar, mind you): worsted weight, I texted; merino, if you can get it!

And then, C arrived on my doorstep with a bag of yarn that was a beautiful shade of yellow–it will be perfect with her skin tone and her son picked it out; so it’s a double knockout.

But, still: pants? I have a few candidate patterns, including Lorna’s Leggings and the classic Studio Shorts (which I could lengthen). Has anyone else knit pants? Suggestions for a good–dancer-worthy pair?


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2 Responses to Commissioned: Hot Pants

  1. BeeJeweled says:

    Well, I was in a ballet company in high school, and we wore them just when we started, before our muscles were warmed up, and then took them off. We didn’t have the short part in them, they were basically just sleeves for the legs. Once you were warmed up, you could take them off, or just bunch them up around your ankles. You should ask her which kind she wants, ones with the pant part or not.


  2. Alina says:

    Oh wow! That is quiet a challenge! I’ve never made pants, but my Granny knits them all the time! But I still can’t get my head around the construction! I am excited to see what you’ll come up with!


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