Turning the Second Heel: WIP Update Regia Socks

Hey there knitters! I’m writing with an update on the Regia sock WIP! And, as you can tell, I’m kind of excited.

IMG_1690 IMG_1691

I’m using Susan B. Anderson’s How I Make My Socks pattern. And I got some quick tips from the Regia website for this self-patterning yarn, including:

  1. make sure both skeins are set-up to the same color repeat before casting on
  2. knit about 6″ for the upper leg (turns out this yarn *could* have gone a bit farther, but for the first set of socks, I didn’t want to risk running out, eep!)
  3. use a stretchy cast-on; I went with an alternating cable cast-on

These will be for my sweetie and he is pretty excited (having tried on one sock). According to him, there are few socks that really fit the contours of his feet (and he has a wide toe-box to be sure!) These? Well, these he is pretty happy with: not too tight on the leg or cuff; snug heel “made to look like the shape of an actual leg!” says he; and wide enough o the foot. [Note: the pictures here are of my own leg and foot–not his bigger leg and foot–so the sock looks a little bit baggy]

IMG_1692 IMG_1693

I have been surprised by many things about this project, including the fact that these babies are actually coming out as planned. But also that the yarn can ostensibly accommodate several sizes (I’ve been working with a cast-on of 64 stitches); that this self-patterning actually looks pretty good (with the exception of a few places at the back of the sock where you can see the color shift); and that one could get 2 socks to look so similar. In addition, I am sold on the whole thin wool sock thing. Whoa–these are warm! Plus, Susan B. Anderson’s pattern has a killer heel–and this yarn manages to have the perfect “stripe” just in time for the heel flap construction.

Anyone else care to share links to their Regia projects or other nifty self-patterning yarn of any kind?

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One Response to Turning the Second Heel: WIP Update Regia Socks

  1. Alina says:

    Wow! Stunning colorwork!


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