Spin and Send

Over the summer, I participated in a little exchange among one of my FB groups (Spinning Fibers), called “Spin and Send.” As a novice spinner, I was worried about producing yarn that was up to snuff . . . but our group moderator saw no problem including spinners of all abilities.

Lucky for me, I was paired up with an incredible fiber artist, Jennifer Rose Guyer, who owns and operates Wild Lily Artisan Fibers. She has been super supportive and–like so many other spinners–a very positive presence with a can-do attitude. When I received her handspun, I was just amazed. It’s so beautiful and sparkly, and well-considered. Later, I saw some of her batts for sale in an awesome Fort Collins, CO shop, Your Daily Fiber. Oh my, are they beautiful! And Jennifer has agreed to an interview later in October–stay tuned!

11952746_10105436219534290_7503735538004956435_o 11891472_10105436219833690_5358614234433942033_o

I sent her back some of my more humble–but my best-so-far–handspun, in black and grey. Jennifer made a comment on one of my grey skeins earlier in the month and that led me to believe she just might like to have some simple color-works in her arsenal.

This experience led me to think about a number of things, including color theory and the ways that my own sensibilities as a spinner tend towards plainer, heathered colors. And, I’m OK with that 🙂 At the same time, I truly enjoy seeing (and holding and checking out) other spinner’s work because it’s inspiring and reassuring and, well, just fun.

Someday, I’d like to host a little “Spin and Send” or some other exchange of my own just to see what people swap. It’s a  great process that I have seen happen over and over–sometimes as a way to experience local fibers, or to share hard-to-find fiber, or just as a means of recognizing what my friend Steve refers to as “yarn moving”–that constant exchange of stashed items from one household to another. Sometimes these swapped items get used, and sometimes, they simply spend some of their life in one pair of hands and then another and another, spreading joy.

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