Coming Home to Crafting

This Sunday I left the house for a walk–much as I do every morning. After a nice stroll with some friends around the town, I returned to find something lovely: my partner and my son engaged in some creative gambits of their own.

My partner was sewing again–some terrific silver fabric (from an unused car cover). This time, a flashlight case, some bags, and a case. And my son? Well, he was not only playing his clarinet, but composing some music using audacity. There were some lovely layers of sound, some clear notes, and a terrific mix of analog and digital. Love.

So I jumped over to my BFL braid and got to work figuring out how to best preserve the color. I revisited Felicia Lo’s Craftsy class on color and decided I’ve had enough chain-ply practice to have a go with something more than mill ends. Off I go!


Oh, and Steve’s socks are shaping up: one down, one to go . . . remind me to tell you about the emergency sock surgery, oh my! These are in Knit Picks Hawthorne.



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