Finding a Forever Home: The Swap

There was some funny talk about trick or treating for yarn this past Halloween–how much fun would that be? Hello, can I have some yarn? This, combined with some internet and RL swapping has me thinking about stashes in a new way . . .

Spencer and Steve (the men behind the DIY Drum Carder) have long believed that fiber simply passes from one house to another. I may have given them this impression . . . but, I would have to agree. I would just change the terms of the debate a bit to argue that like the earth around us, we do not own the fiber, we are merely keepers of the fiber–stewards helping it find its best use. And so, it is only right that fiber must move from one crafter to another.

Recently, I feel that I have seen into this heart of the fiber world, as I have participated in my first swaps. Allison of “On the Needles” just posted about some Ravelry swaps–something I have yet to try. For me, the first swaps involved a couple of lovely ladies from the FB group, Fine Yarn Connoisseurs. I traded some of my older sweater quantities for some sock yarn and some SWM/cashmere skeins. It was a little unnerving to swap, but these two ladies made me feel at ease. And this weekend, I’ll have a little swap session with a member of my guild: some needle felting fiber for some spinning fiber. And in all cases, my sense is that folks are happy to see the fiber heading off to a (maybe) forever home.


Anyone else swapped yarn or fiber? Do you have favorite methods/places for swapping? I’d love to hear some stories of fiber finding its way (to another) home.

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6 Responses to Finding a Forever Home: The Swap

  1. Alina says:

    Yarn swap sounds like so much fun! I am in the process of my first yarn swap right now and can’t wait to see what will come to my mail box!


  2. Talya says:

    I usually swap finished items, but I have sent and received yarn as ‘additional goodies’ in my swaps. I have not been disappointed with any swap so far!


  3. I’m completely clueless about how to swap. I have so much yarn I would love to swap or sell. Can somebody give me a brief run down on how it works, what sites are best, etc. ? Thanks in advance!!!


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