Diggin the Stash

It’s getting towards the end of the year, a year of re-evaluating the stash of yarn and fiber: acquiring new, passing on some older stuff, learning about the kinds of yarns and fleeces I love and those I can do without. I’m getting close to composing the next “To Learn List” and so, last eve, it was time to reorganize the stash of yarn.

I grabbed the first bin–full of homespun–and was surprised to find that it contained some of my favorites. Yes, I still love the small hoard of MadTosh in bin #2, the sweater quantity of shetland in bin #3, and the funky sock yarns of bin #4, but my homespun, well it actually caught my eye.


[Homespun is on the bottom of the picture; some undyed commercial yarn is at the top]

What a year, eh? Just one. Of learning about fleece, fiber, braids, carding, and so many things that were not on the official list. And now, well, I have some small confidence that I might be able to create some of the yarns I want to work with next year! What fun.


[From R to L: Corriedale mix, SW Merino, SW Merino x2, Brown Sheep Mill ends]

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6 Responses to Diggin the Stash

  1. Carie says:

    Your homespun is stunning! I always find the problem with mine is that I never have quite enough to do anything with it so it just has to sit and look pretty. Have you got any plans for yours?


    • lissymail says:

      Thanks!! It’s coming along 😉 And yes, I agree about use–I’m thinking mittens for the fractal though! And maybe a shawl for the purple . . . maybe that’ll be on the next to-learn list!


  2. BeeJeweled says:

    All so lovely! It is amazing how far you have come in such a short period. It certainly helps to be obsessed with spinning, welcome to the club!


  3. Alina says:

    Your homespun is just gorgeous! What a lovely stash!


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