Blogversary! And the BEST cake ever.

Oh my goodness. This blog is celebrating its first birthday/anniversary! And to celebrate, I made some cakes–the best cakes I ever had . .  .

. . . with my new ball winder and swift! Both were Christmas presents from my dear partner, Spencer, and straight from Stanwood! The ball winder is super-sized and can hold a ton of yarn; and the swift is all-wood and fun to expand and contract. I set them up in the guest yarn room and have been caking away the hours.

First, I caked up the Ginger Twist Studio skein I purchased in Scotland; the squish factor is awesome! And, as most of you know, a cake is super easy to knit from. What a difference a cake makes! No more rolling balls of yarn! This cake is destined for a pair of socks for my son 🙂


Then, I caked up some of the other loose balls of yarn rolling around in my stash: some KnitPicks lace and some worsted wool I used for the Love Tangle Blanket. And then, the ultimate project: caking up all of the yarn I need for this year’s blanket, the Persian Dreams (Worsted) throw. I decided to use my Feederbrook Farms skeins and will share more about that project in a later post. The ball winder and swift are also useful for spinning as one can 2-ply a single back on itself using the two strands from a center-pull cake . . . the list goes on!


One whole year deserves a little cake, methinks. And cake of the yarn variety–especially yarn from the stash–seems like the perfect way to kick off the New Year for this little blog. Thanks to everyone who has visited, commented, “liked,” and generally supported my fledgeling efforts. I cannot wait to meet more of you, share some fibery goodness, and hear about your own adventures in 2016!

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6 Responses to Blogversary! And the BEST cake ever.

  1. Debbie mandel says:

    Yea! Good going Spencer. Here’s to “Too Much Fun!” in 2016.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Maemi says:

    Lovely gifts! and a lovely way to wrap up the first year 🙂 I’m really looking forward to seeing you knit up the Persian Dreams throw. All the best!


  3. Ady Grafovna says:

    Happy birthday! Your cakes look tasty! 😉


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