Sock Meditations

I have now knit 10 socks from the same pattern, Susan B Anderson’s “How I Make My Socks.” I have heard knitters complain about second sock syndrome (or second mitten syndrome). . . but I have yet to experience it. Indeed, I have found this practice of sock after sock to be meditative in the best kind of ways.

Practically speaking, it means I have a project I can take with me anywhere–and particularly now that I am super comfortable with the pattern–I rarely need to check in on the sock itself. It also means that everyone in my family and my BFFs all have hand knit socks on their feet. Love.

These 10 socks have also taught me a lot about the basics of top-down sock construction with a heel flap, gusset decreases, and a square toe–including Kitchener stitch, which I can probably do in my sleep at this point. These 10 socks have made me feel ready to venture out into the big, bad, wonderful world of sock patterns and designs that I could really only dream of at this time last year.

While I do not plan to leave these 10 stockinette socks behind, I am excited to have some plans for bigger (knee socks!) and more complex making. Next up are some Hippity Hop knee socks from The Loop that I will knit in Miss Babs–whoa! never used her yarn before and I am super excited to try  it out!! And I have been reading Ann Budd’s Sock Knitting Master Class bedore bed each night in hopes that my sleeping brain will absorb all of the information.

What’s on your needles?

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10 Responses to Sock Meditations

  1. metaspencer says:

    great socks!

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  2. Ady Grafovna says:

    I love your socks! I have been into mittens lately. I am doing some super secret mitten testing. I am also making the Chinquapin Wrap by Romi Hill, but that is my large-at-home knitting project. Mittens are definitely my on the go project.


    • lissymail says:

      oh thanks! And I’d love to know your favorite mitten patterns–I want to make a “better” mitten in 2016 🙂 The wrap looks very cool!


  3. Alina says:

    Love how excited you are about your projects! Sock knitting still didn’t slip into my crafty routine, but I know someday I’ll have to give it a try!


  4. knittedblissjc says:

    such great socks! There are so many amazing sock patterns out there, but I think most knitters will keep coming back sometimes to a simple stockinette sock.


    • lissymail says:

      yes! Something to keep the needles busy–I have too many complex charted projects right now and I’m actually yearning for some stockinette!


  5. Kit Dunsmore says:

    I’m a sock junkie, too. There’s only one time I ever hesitated to make the second sock of a pair. I had more than one self-patterning sock yarns in my bag and was anxious to see what each one would look like knit up! I envy you your Kitchener confidence. Most of my socks are toe up because I mangle the toes if I do top down.


    • lissymail says:

      Lovely! I know the feeling about that self-striping yarn–it’s just too fun to find out how it will knit up. What’s your favorite brand/kind of self-striping? I’ve tried the Regia and some indy dyers–what is your go-to?

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      • Kit Dunsmore says:

        My favorite self-patterning yarn was German — I got it decades ago — because it wears like iron. It might have been Lana Grosse Meilenweit (which I still use). I also love the striped socks I get using Knit Picks’ Felici (great colors), but the softer yarn doesn’t wear well. I’ve only done one pair from indie yarns — the socks came out stiffer than I’m used to.

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