Oh My Miss Babs . . . (Review)

I have been hearing talk of Miss Babs for quite some time. And I even traded for a single skein a few months back. But I was biding my time until a little extra yarn money came into the budget; I had plans to pounce! Low and behold, Miss Babs often hosts a post-Christmas “Gratitude” sale, and being on the mailing list, I was ready to go Christmas morning. I picked up a Trio in Yet (which is three individual skeins that will work well together for a project) and two skeins of Hot Shot Fingering in Plum for my Loop socks–more on that project later!

Some things to know about Miss Babs:

  • Miss Babs is a group of women who dye beautiful, and excellent yarn bases
  • you can sometimes get free shipping if you are willing to put enough in your shopping cart–I missed this key clause and was about $10 short of free shopping (damn!)
  • Miss Babs produces repeatable colors AND what are called “Babettes”–these are repeatable, but usually with a bit of a twist or difference. They are not quite the same, but no one really cares because the yarn is so freaking beautiful
  • the yarn I received is super close to its representation on-screen, particularly in terms of color
  • yes, there is a Miss Babs . . .

But what you really need to know is how Miss Babs treats us first-timers! With extra gifts and mini-yarns, of course!

I’m always on the lookout for awesome new or as yet unfound indy dyers . . . recommendations?

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2 Responses to Oh My Miss Babs . . . (Review)

  1. Talya says:

    I love A Hundred Ravens (http://ahundredravens.com/). Last year- I waited till I could see the colorways in person, before I bought anything. But let me just say this: they do not disappoint! Now that I have felt up everything they had in person- I am confident in buying anything off of the website!


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