House Building OR The Other Blog

This post’s subject matter is likely not what you expected . . . but I realized just this week that some of you might not know about the *other* blog–the one my husband and I put together as we built a house a few summers ago. So, in lieu of yarn, I offer another creative adventure: our funky kit-home story, via “Ithaca Farm”

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 9.37.00 PM

Like a knitting kit, this house came to us as a stack of raw material and a pattern. We had to decipher the code, work day and night, and suffer some frogging. But in the end, we came away with a fine FO 🙂

I’ll have some more yarning adventures for you this weekend; but for now, a little nostalgia for the knitting days that were mostly filled with chop saws, nail guns, and plenty of pine. Knitters can do anything they put their mind to, I say!

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7 Responses to House Building OR The Other Blog

  1. Debbie mandel says:

    Amazing experience! I read the whole thing, it was incredible!


    • Debbie mandel says:

      I just remembered. Our first house on Vermont Street in Urbana was a Sears house. It came as a kit, much like yours. There are alot of them in the area, since they sent all the parts on a train, the only place you will find them are towns with big railroad stations. I got the original listing for our 2 story 14000 foot home. The cost for the kit was something like $4200!


    • lissymail says:

      Thanks, Debbie! It was an adventure 🙂 and I love looking for and at kit homes. We looked at a bunch online and read about the history–fascinating stuff! Did you find living in a Sears home to be quirky? We’ll have to talk houses at the next spinning meet-up!!


  2. Rain says:

    That is AMAZING! Will you have sheep one day?!? Congratulations on your awesome home! 59 acres might just be enough for my menagerie of woolly farm critters.

    Can we chat offline should you be in need of a house sitter this summer? :0) I would love to bring my son back to spend time with family, but need my own space for work/sanity’s sake 🙂


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    • lissymail says:

      Thanks! I hope we have sheep someday–lots of fencing needed, though! Remind me which animals you have?? And, thanks for your house sitting offer 🙂 my family lives in town, though, so they tend to be on the farm when we’re not there. It is a very very very peaceful space!


  3. Rain says:

    I have two adorable Finnsheep. Love them so much! What type of sheep do you have your eye on?

    Actually, I was thinking about C-U house sitting while you’re away at your lovely farmhouse in Ithaca 😊. I live in the Seattle area, but my parents and siblings are in Tuscola and C-U.


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