In Progress: Persian Dreams (Worsted)

My 2016 One-Year-One-Blanket is Persian Dreams (worsted) and I could not be more excited. Indeed, just writing up the 2016 To Learn List–and finding out that there was a worsted weight version of this fingering-weight blanket–got me motivated to go for it. Finally. After at least a year of considering. I also have a big tub of yarn from Feederbrook Farm–in whites, creams, variegated, and solid colors. I felt that it was destined to be a blanket and one day, while perusing the stash with Persian Dreams dancing in my head, it all became clear.


So, I marshaled my colors, counted my whites, and figured out what I might be missing. The blanket calls for about 2400 yards of white–if you are going the traditional route–and then about 13 other colors. I had almost enough Corriedale from Feederbrook, plus a skein of Fin, and a skein of Polworth. I added to this 2 skeins of KnitPicks Bare (DK), one skein of MadTosh “Farmhouse” and figured I could make up the rest as I went along (if I was really off in my yardage count. As for the other colors, I had about 10/13 and only needed to order a couple of small balls of KnitPicks Wool of the Andes to supplement. Granted: the colors will be a bit different than the pictures, and the weights will be somewhere between DK and worsted, but in the end, it’s a blanket, not rocket science, and I love the idea of a scrappy color-worked blanket from (mostly) indy wool.

I printed my color pattern at my local library, waited for my KP yarn supplement to arrive, and worked on some socks to keep me busy. Plus, I needed to cake up most of the Feederbrook yarn outside: I found that in caking it up, a fine layer of dust settled on my table and a lot of sniffling came from my (only recently) recovered sinuses. Now, don’t get me wrong, this yarn is amazing! It just happens to be straight from the farm and, as a result, it’s a wee bit dustier than commercial yarns tend to be. Solution found: wind it outside and let the gentle breeze carry away the crumblies. There was one truly lovely day this past week: Friday. Skies were sunny, temperatures were in the 40s, and there was very little wind. So, I took my yarn operation outside.

I am all caked at this point, and I watched numerous YouTube videos about circular cast ons, M1T and M1A–omg, I am still messing these up! Something is wrong with my spacial sense when it comes to these relatively simple increases . . . And I have begun the process of remembering that I am still *learning* how to do stranded color work. So, yes, this blanket will take some time–perhaps even the whole year? The nice part: it does not have to meet gauge and, as I understand it, some folks have even learned color work while making this very blanket. May the knitting spirits be with me!

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7 Responses to In Progress: Persian Dreams (Worsted)

  1. Alina says:

    Good luck with this exciting project! Love the idea of one blanket a year!


    • lissymail says:

      Thanks! I think I will need the luck–have you much experience with color work? Favorite resources? I’m going to Craftsy right now . . . and probably my guild-mates 🙂


  2. Kit Dunsmore says:

    Your excitement is contagious. I feel like I should be knitting Right Now. 😉


    • lissymail says:

      🙂 oh me too–I have been working out my semester schedule trying to figure out if I can knit and teach at the same time (my guess is NO, but still . . .)

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      • Kit Dunsmore says:

        I’ve got deadlines I need to hit prepping for a quilt show so I think most of my creative time is going to be sewing for the next two months…


  3. Candy Paprocki says:

    Love you excitement I feel the same way but…..have started do the
    Doing the border if so what method are t
    You going knit some say they put all blocks then made the border in moss stitch
    The on Mrs Hope has on her pattern I don’t understand
    Thank in advance with any input

    Liked by 1 person

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