Well, I Did That Wrong . . .

So, I finally blocked my Hanging Leaves Shawl (from Botanical Knits 2). I was in love with this pattern when I found Alana Dakos’ second collection; I still love the increases and the delicate leaves are very, very cool. This was a little bit fiddly to knit, but I was proud to be using lace-weight yarn for the first time AND making a shawl. This was almost a year ago . . . maybe more.

IMG_7129 IMG_2458

As I was knitting the leaves, I had the distinct feeling that something wasn’t right. At the time, I told my partner “I just can’t believe how many leaves there are!” and he just nodded and smiled. Once I finished, the leaves didn’t look quite like Alana’s beautiful picture–they looked more like fringe. I blamed it on the lack of blocking, but I was disappointed and into the yarn bin it went.

I finally faced my demons last night and pulled it out determined to block it and give it away, or wear it, or something. Washing it was wonderful–that Fibre Co. yarn came out sooooo soft. I love it! But, as I went to block the shawl, I encountered the leaf problem. Half of the shawl seemed right–there was space for the leaves to be loosely blocked (I have yet to invest in some blocking pins . . .)–but the other half was all screwed up. Still. Dang and blast, I thought, something is wrong. But what?


It seriously took me about two hours and a few trips to and from the kitchen floor (where the shawl was drying) to realize *just what I did wrong*: I DID make too many leaves. And in so doing, I didn’t attach them correctly to the body of the shawl. But I only made this mistake on *half* the shawl. I had to laugh. And so did my husband.

Surely, there is a solution: pull out the leaves altogether; just pull out half of them and re-knit the other half (gah, no way!); or leave it as is and put it back in the tub. Sad thing is: it’s a beautiful shawl–well, half of it is 🙂 and it’s warm! So, I may just have to revisit this one. But damn. damn. damn. I’d love to know what was on my mind when I went so far astray . . .

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2 Responses to Well, I Did That Wrong . . .

  1. chrisknits says:

    Doughnuts, you were thinking about doughnuts. OK, so that’s what I am thinking of right now, but still, you could have been thinking about them too?


    • lissymail says:

      ha! I did have a doughnut this morning in between teaching my two classes . . . desserts can get in the way of knitting . . . I think you’re on to something here 🙂


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