Shear Panic! (cuteness overload)

Cutest game ever. It’s called Shear Panic and it’s only about $12 on Amazon–seriously.


We are big gamers in this household . . . so, rationally speaking, this may not be for everyone. But, then again, if you like knitting, wool, and SHEEP! this game will make your day. First of all, the pieces are adorable–and remarkably solid: they are some kind of painted resin.


One of my favorite parts of the game involves Rodger, the friendly ram, who visits with the ladies in Round 2 of play. He is only bested by the shearer herself–a sheep shearing another sheep. Yep. It’s that cute.


The boards are sturdy and well illustrated, one even features a sheep in snorkeling gear! And, although the game play is fairly simple, if you are a true strategy gamer, you could get all up on this game and make some crazy moves to shock your opponents. My husband has a brief review of the game up on Amazon, if you want to see it in action! (He’s ‘Spencer in Seattle’–a Top Ranked Amazon Reviewer!! We all have our hobbies . . .)

Any gamers out there??

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6 Responses to Shear Panic! (cuteness overload)

  1. Noémie says:

    That looks like a cool game 🙂 thanks for showing it to us! As I grew up as an only child I never had anyone to play games with… So I tend not to play that much… I probably should make myself do it really 🙂 although I d probably end up just displaying the pieces around my house!


    • lissymail says:

      ha! I had not yet thought about distributing the sheep around my house . . . but when the boys tire of playing with me, it might be my only choice 🙂


  2. knittedblissjc says:

    oh my gosh, this game looks amazing! And I just read your husband’s review, so thorough- no doubt he is a top reviewer, these are the sort of reviews that are actually helpful. And sheep! Amazing!


  3. Rain says:

    I am getting that game immediately! Brilliant on so many levels!! Thank you to you Seattle man (is he really from here?…so fun! That your there…such an interconnected world we live in!)


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