Video Fun: Knitting Treadmill Workout

This is a guest post by Spencer:

For this interview with Melissa, I caught up with her while she was knitting on the treadmill. As I’ve mentioned on this blog before, I like to make things for spinning and knitting, so future plans include: a stitch-per-step pedometer, a ball-holder waist pack, and wrist sweat guards to keep the work dry.

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4 Responses to Video Fun: Knitting Treadmill Workout

  1. Debbie mandel says:

    They make a wrist yarn holder out of metal, I bet you could make one of those! There is also a pattern on ravelry for a little wrist basket thing. Anyway, way to go knitting on the treadmill! I knit on the back of the motorcycle on a long trip, had my yarn in the saddle bag.


  2. Rain says:

    Woah! My mind is officially blown! Very impressive indeed!!


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