Why I Keep a Wheel in My Living Room

IMG_2527Yep. My spinning wheel is there: next to the couch and the computer and the knitting. Sometimes it gets in the way . . . sometimes I worry about my son and his friends getting a little too rambunctious around the lovely Ladybug . . . but still it stays. And here’s why:

1. Accelerated learning. I am writing a new book and in one of the chapters, I was researching information about how people train for new skills. I came across this fellow named Josh Kaufman who has a theory about learning things in 20 hours. You can watch an interview with him here. His basic theory involves breaking down skills into manageable parts and focusing attention on each one in turn. But, to make things happen he suggests keeping your tools, books, projects out in plain sight. It got me to thinking about my spinning wheel and how nice it is to have your tools in places where you can see them, be accountable to them, and think about them on a daily basis.

2. Spinning wheels are great conversation pieces and have allowed for some pretty fun social engagements with friends. One lovely lady came over and had a lesson from fleece to yarn, and, some of you might remember a fun post about spinning with Ceilia–one of my friend’s delightful daughters. None of these things can happen when all of your projects and tools are neatly tucked away.

3. The wheel encourages creativity and craftiness in the entire family. Everyone feels a little bit more at home leaving their own projects out and around the house–and I am certainly more forgiving of the little messes I find. Keeping crafts out means that crafting gets done. And that’s pretty great.

What tools, crafts, yarn, etc do you keep around the house?

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