Cheers to Knitting the Pretties

Sometimes I stare into my stash or I squish some lovely yarn and I think to myself, “how could I knit this??!”

IMG_2561 Yesterday, I pulled out some 80/20 Merino/Nylon fingering yarn from Log House Cottage and had that moment: it’s just *too* beautiful. And I almost put it back into the bin . . .

But I didn’t; instead, I caked it up and put it in my project bag–pre-divided by weight for two socks. And that was empowering. It made me believe that we should all knit the pretties–the best yarn we have; the skeins we’ve been saving for the perfect pattern (that never seems to appear . . . ); the hanks that you feel you might somehow “ruin” by knitting them up into something–anything. Time is fleeting, yes; life is short, you bet; but more than anything, I think knitting (or crocheting) the pretties is about feeling special enough and skilled enough–about accepting ourselves as crafters in the moment who have every right to experiment, to succeed in unexpected ways, to fail, to ravel and unravel. Just because.

So go forth and knit! Pick out the prettiest skeins! Think about your stash as a transient place: more pretties will arrive; the sheep and yaks will grow more fiber; and you are more than good enough to knit up those super special skeins.

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3 Responses to Cheers to Knitting the Pretties

  1. bonnyknits says:

    Loved this!! I have a really hard time knitting with my most precious yarns, because I’m afraid I won’t do them justice. But you’re so right: we deserve to knit with them. I’m going to pull out my one skein of Lorna’s Laces and find a pattern for it today!!


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