Jean’s Crochet Creations!

I have a lovely yarn’in partner-in-crime in NY. She is a crocheter, not a knitter, and yet, we get along swimingly. So, don’t let all of those artificial divisions get you down!

I made some handspun for Jean and she made a lovely hat . . . and for Christmas I gave her some Corriedale I blended with some Knitpicks roving. For her birthday, I passed on a skein of Feederbrook Farms in burgundy.

And what has dear Jean made? A massive blanket for a king-sized bed! Whoa! She is amazing and I think you’ll like her creation (which she has given me permission to share as a WIP): behold! The handspun is incorporated into the stripes and I cannot wait to see how the whole blanket turns out!


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4 Responses to Jean’s Crochet Creations!

  1. Talya says:

    Yarncraft is Yarncraft. Doesn’t matter if you knit it, crochet it, weave it, or sew it. Rock on, crafters!


  2. Ady Grafovna says:

    Beautiful! Go Jean! Yay for yarny friends that make exquisite things!


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