When Homemade Socks Are Normal

Last night, I Kitchenered the toes and wove in the ends on the latest pair of socks for S. Now, don’t get me wrong, he is the most appreciative of knitwear receivers. But . . . handknit socks have been multiplying around here (about as fast as bunnies) and so, I was not too surprised that neither he nor I were quite as effusive about the FO as we were about the 1st or even the 7th pair of socks to come off the needles.

And that was particularly nice. A real turning point. Handmade socks have become the new normal. How nice. How very, very nice that is. I mean, I do have two more pairs cast on  . . . with one sock of each pair already finished and bound off. So, if we were to celebrate each sock with a cupcake party (not that this would be a bad idea . . .), it would mean a lot of cupcakes. Here is the best reward: a happy man in some finished socks.


Pattern: How I Make My Socks by Susan B. Anderson

Yarn: Regia Arne and Carlos, “Moon Night” colorway


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4 Responses to When Homemade Socks Are Normal

  1. Ady Grafovna says:

    Your socks are great! How wonderful that they are almost taken for granted anymore because of how frequently they are created!


  2. Carie says:

    Handknit socks are the norm around here too, although I do like your idea of a cupcake party for each pair! There is never a bad excuse for cupcakes!

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    • lissymail says:

      Glad to hear the tradition continues in your household as well 🙂 And yes, excuses for cupcakes are easy to come by–when we had backyard chickens, we used to celebrate each chicken’s birthday . . . with cupcakes 🙂


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