Indie Dyer Feature: Casual Fashion Queen!

Happy weekending everyone! Today, I have the pleasure of featuring Sheena McNeely of Casual Fashion Queen. Sheena has been dyeing fleece and yarn for a few years now, and her colorways are the talk of my internet yarning groups: one of the latest is “Sex Bob-omb”–and I will admit to loving her “Gaia” and “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.” She also has a neat “Yarn Club for One Month” feature through her Etsy shop, which sounds like great fun. Sheena likes working on custom orders and her handspun is gorgeous. Ok, Ok, so it might be love at first stitch with Casual Fashion Queen. I’ll let her tell you more via her interview responses, below. But first, the photo-bomb! All images are courtesy of Sheena, who has given me permission to post them here.

1) How did you get into dyeing?
I learned to crochet about 5 years ago and I quickly realized that my obsession with yarn overshadowed what I could make. I could spend all day looking at yarn in a shop, touching them and analyzing the colors.

After a couple of years, I had some friends who would spin their own yarn on drop spindles and I had to try this. I bought a drum carder and found a local alpaca farmer and quickly became fiber obsessed and realized that yarn is so much more than what is at the big name stores. I started by dyeing fleece and moved to dyeing yarn very quickly.

2) What is your favorite fiber to dye?
I am currently obsessed with two blends: for roving, I love the squish factor of merino/bamboo/nylon. It is like a cloud in your hand. For yarn, I am in love with merino/silk/cashmere. The yarn is like butter and I just recently started to carry this base in my shop. This yarn base is called Jo’ou.

3) Any advice for new dyers?
Be an artist. I call this my art and everyone approaches art differently. And don’t be afraid to ask questions. Us yarnie folk don’t bite.

4) Where can folks find your shop online?

5) What’s NEW on the horizon for your shop?
I am always evolving and creating, so right now I am working on Deconstructed Kits that take apart my favorite color ways and give the crafter the chance to purchase a variety of yarn colors in one set so they can choose to use it however they would prefer. It makes color work on any project more affordable, mostly because you do not need to buy a full skein of each color.

I hope to continue taking bold steps and creating beautiful colorways for as long as possible.

* * *

Thanks so much Sheena!

I love meeting new people (and sheep!): if you are an indy dyer, a hand spinner, a shepherdess, a small flock owner, a mill operator, or a wool trader, I would love to feature your work on this site. Please get in touch via email or Ravelry by clicking the “About” tab (above)

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