Oh . . . Those Aren’t Mine?

I finished my second pair of socks meant for me! As with much of my knitting, I gave away the first pair to my sister-in-law for Xmas. So, this was actually my first pair and I was sooo excited to try them on and take some pictures.

Now, that same day my husband was super excited to try out his new Amazon-review-camera. So, when he asked to take some photos of the socks, I was psyched–better lighting, awesome shutter speed, and a lot of experience  . . . sold. His only requirement: “I can choose my own backgrounds, right?” Sure, I said, sure!


So, I watched as he grabbed the socks, the leftover yarn balls, and his camera and took everything outside to the paving stones, the front steps, the grassy field. Then he disappeared around the corner towards the the boat barn and I figured, he’ll be back–after all, he needs me to try on the–I mean MY–socks, right?

HA! When he came back in for lunch, I saw him lovingly fold up the socks and push them towards his Amazon pile. So, I said: “you like those, don’t you! You can have them, if you want them–I can pop the toes off and make them long enough for your feet.” He gave me the funniest look. “You mean . . . they’re not mine? They’re for you! Oh, that explains why they felt a little snug!” Then he showed me the pictures: he had put them on his feet (granted, I do have big feet–so it wasn’t a real stretch) and taken some very sweet pictures of “his new socks.”

Like I said . . . handmade socks? Around here, they’re the norm!


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9 Responses to Oh . . . Those Aren’t Mine?

  1. chrisknits says:

    That is too funny!! I was asking Hubster if I could make his felted clogs a mash of leftover colors, and he replied, no, blue, he wants blue. I don’t have enough blue to cobble together clogs. He decided he would take green. Well, he asks for so little that I will just bite the bullet and buy new yarn to make him blue ones. Even if I am trying to knit from stash!


  2. Alina says:

    This is sooo sweet!!! Your husband is adorable! I only wish mine would enjoy taking photos of my knits!


  3. Carie says:

    Oh bless! H could easily wear my socks too so I can understand the mix up – it’s lovely to see how much your knitting is appreciated though isn’t it!


  4. Mrs. Optimistic says:

    That is amazing! :))


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