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Process Knitter, Production Spinner

Spinning has led me to many insights; after all, during all of those long hours, you have to think about something right? So, here is my little list of zen: #1: Spinning, like knitting, is something I do just for me. … Continue reading

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Dyeing For Fiber Classes: A Review

As many of you know, there are a lot of YouTube dyeing tutorials out there: some good, some bad, some helpful, some not. Most are piecemeal and–understandably–underproduced and I have yet to find a truly comprehensive explanation of dyeing available … Continue reading

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Pretty Little Skeins

I really love finding indie dyers and supporting their work. Today: Cornbread and Honey and Old Crow Art Yarns. The skeins on the left are a custom order (my first!) and the skeins on the right are from a new-to-me … Continue reading

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Back to School: Free Class!

I am super excited about Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of next week . . . yes, yes, I have the usual teaching, meetings, journal editing, book writing, etc to keep me busy, but I am also going back to school. … Continue reading

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Lessons Learned

I taught my second class at our local middle school and I must say, I have learned a few lessons in just these couple of hours spent with plucky young tweens. Let them lead and follow their interests; they will … Continue reading

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Postcards from Greencastle

As promised, I took a LOT of pictures. Most people were amenable to this lady wandering around with a camera, but I was surprised at some of the strange looks I received . . . so I tried to play … Continue reading

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Have Box Will Cake

Here’s something you have all likely figured out already: when winding a ball of yarn–instead of a skein–you may sometimes need a box 🙂 We cut this quick video as a fun reminder: Happy weekending! (Maybe I’ll see you at … Continue reading

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C-U Spinners and Weavers Guild

Well, folks, it looks like I’ll be working as vice-president of the C-U Spinners and Weavers Guild next year! One of my spinner friends nominated me and, yep, you know me–how could I say no. The official “vote” was last … Continue reading

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Fiber Fun: Teaching at the Middle School

Well, I did it. I taught my first knitting class to six eager 7th graders. We played some knitting bingo–full of all the weird terms one might encounter while reading a pattern; we started thinking about the basics of needle … Continue reading

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Zombies! and Yarn?

Warning: Super Nerd (fan girl) Posting Ahead! The Walking Dead . . . a trifecta of awesome this week: 1) finale of season 6–which I watched without my knitting (eep! big mistake!) 2) screening  TWD season 1 episode 1 for … Continue reading

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