Life with an Amazon Reviewer

As many of you know, I am not the only one in my household with a hobby. My dear S is quite the Amazon reviewer (#32 in the country!) And he can always use some crowdsourced assistance–check out his reviews and give him a “helpful” vote, eh? He gets plenty of free products to review, including some bulky items. And so, in addition to some new yarn on my new wheel (squeeeeee!!) I have a funny picture sequence from this morning’s shenanigans.

I present: man in a water cooler box.

Thank goodness someone in the house has a sense of humor!

And for those of you who come for the fiber, a new spinning project is in the works. Just a couple of ounces of fiber here, since the idea is to learn the new wheel. I plan to chain ply this once I finish the spinning.

Happy weekending everyone!

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3 Responses to Life with an Amazon Reviewer

  1. metaspencer says:

    Sometimes, I feel a bit boxed in

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  2. BeeJeweled says:

    That guy is pretty silly sometimes!

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  3. OMG you guys are NUTS and we love you for it x

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