Back to School: Free Class!

I am super excited about Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of next week . . . yes, yes, I have the usual teaching, meetings, journal editing, book writing, etc to keep me busy, but I am also going back to school. The best part is, I think you should too! (See below for details)

The course: David Keller’s “How to Dye Yarn and Fibers with Acid Dyes

David runs Sugar House Woolworks — here is a quick screenshot of their FB page!

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 10.48.13 PM.png

The Details: David’s class is offered by Curious Mondo LIVE and online this M/T/W (April 24-26) in the mornings from 10:00am-1:00pm CST; you can catch a replay in the evenings from 8:00pm–11:00pm. This first run of the class is completely FREE! Yes! But once this live stream is over, this course will be available as a for-purchase online course, complete with course materials and even a certificate of completion.

I don’t know David personally, but he is quite the fixture around all of my yarn, dyeing, spinning, and community pages on FB. I’m looking forward to hearing about his dyeing process and, even more, I love the idea of going back to school–if only for a few night classes. I simply love learning . . . maybe that’s why knitting and spinning are just so damn appealing: so many techniques, aspects, methods, and creations are possible with some very, very simple tools.

Maybe I’ll see you there?

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One Response to Back to School: Free Class!

  1. BeeJeweled says:

    Ok, you got me! I’ll be back in school too!


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