Pretty Little Skeins

I really love finding indie dyers and supporting their work. Today: Cornbread and Honey and Old Crow Art Yarns. The skeins on the left are a custom order (my first!) and the skeins on the right are from a new-to-me dyer who often works on themed colorways (these are called “Living Dead Girl” and “Patient Zero”–how could I refuse?). Both dyers have a particular style, and, to my eye, these skeins represent some of the best work I have seen from them. I am very, very excited to work them up into something. Now, will someone please just roll the clocks back by a few hours??

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5 Responses to Pretty Little Skeins

  1. Stunning–the one on the left looks like it was from Santa Fe. Blue corn bread is about the color of the blue-purple-brown shade.


  2. Alina says:

    Absolutely gorgeous skeins! Such pretty colors! Enjoy!

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  3. Amanda says:

    LOVE Old Crow Art Yarns!!! Also I am super jealous that you have Living Dead Girl, because I don’t yet haha!! The dyer is a total sweetheart and her eye for colors and mixing and matching are AMAZING. I cannot wait to see the new colorways that I know are already forming in her head πŸ™‚


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