Process Knitter, Production Spinner

Spinning has led me to many insights; after all, during all of those long hours, you have to think about something right?

So, here is my little list of zen:

#1: Spinning, like knitting, is something I do just for me. It’s a meditation, yes, but also a defiant measure of self-care that reminds me its OK to take some time out to think, be quiet, and just enjoy myself in life. The time I spend with fiber reminds me of the hours I would spend as a kid working on jigsaw puzzels or sorting my comic book collection–often alone in my room, cross legged on the shag carpet surrounded by summertime, with the windows open and the radio playing.

#2: Unlike most things in life, spinning and knitting are truly libertarian activities: do as you do, don’t tread on me, and whatever works is the right way. Learning to spin and knit have given me new liberties in other aspects of my life. I’m writing a book right now, for instance, and I feel free to do things differently this time around. I am not stuck in the same habits or molds as I was for the first book. Freedom of process! Huzzah!

#3: I am a process knitter and a production spinner. This means that I couldn’t care less about the products of my knitting . . . I have given away most everything I have ever made! But when I sit at the spinning wheel or hold my handspun in my tight little fists, I want that finished product more at anything. I can barely bring myself to knit with my handspun and dagnabit, spinning a skein sure seems to take forever! The two crafts are absolutely juxtaposed for me and, as such, I have learned to appreciate each through the processes and products of the other. Two distinct sides of myself brought out through different maker activities.

What’s your zen?

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