Hap Hap Happening!

If you are not on the Kate Davies email newsletter list . . . now is your moment. Her new project, The Book of Haps, is coming! Pre-orders begin Thursday, May 19th!

I’ll admit that Kate Davies’ books are a particular love of mine; eh hem, so much so that I will travel around London looking for copies of her books. I reviewed a  a copy of Yokes here. As a fellow academic, I appreciate Davies approach to fiber and pattern and history; her research is both fascinating and fun–and very thorough. She pays attention to place, culture, practical information, and the people behind the designs. Indeed, my favorite parts of her books tend to be the essays about fiber history.

The hap shawl has had quite a revival in the past couple of years with KALs, patterns, blog post, etc. Davies book promises to round out the contextual knowledge about this particular, practical garment with five essays and thirteen(!) patterns by designers such as Carol Feller, Bristol Ivy, Gudrun Johnston, and many others–including Davies herself.

Patterns are going to be revealed each day on Davies’ blog; you can check out a Behind the Scenes post here, in the meantime.

Is anyone else excited about this book release??


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2 Responses to Hap Hap Happening!

  1. Alina says:

    Kate was the first knitter-blogger I followed when I just started knitting. Her story of going through a stroke, losing her day job and starting all over again shook me to the core. I’ve been following her journey for many years now and she always amazes me with her designs, scientific approach to fiber, her books and her yarn. Thank you so much for reminding me about the release!


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