Staying Motivated!

Maybe you’ve heard of zombie runs? You know, those races where half of the runners are dressed as zombies and they chase everyone else–and the result is that everyone runs just that mush faster? I’m happy to say, I have found the knitting equivalent: zombie stitch markers.

I finally life-lined the blanket (Stornoway) that I mucked up (while watching a particularly riveting episode of The Walking Dead) and got back to work. Even more impressive, perhaps, is that I did all of this fixing in a moving vehicle. When I ripped back, I also pulled out the simple circle stitch markers and added Darn Yarn MN‘s excellent zombies. Talk about knitting motivation!


And for anyone wondering about those dyed yarns and fiber: one more celebratory shot!


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One Response to Staying Motivated!

  1. Gwen says:

    That is just too funny! Lovely stitch markers 🙂

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