Dad’s Three Socks

Yep, you read that correctly: three socks. I had, of course, planned on only making two socks–you know, the standard number. Because, yes, my dad only has two feet. But things have a way of happening.

Remember that cruddy yarn? Well, it didn’t knit up like *all* the other sock yarn with which I have ever worked. I’ll admit to some user error: like the fact that my dad’s feet are mega-big! And no, I did not knit a gauge swatch. So, the cast-on was too tight (despite my use of the super-stretchy cast-on); and the number of stitches was all wrong, and the fabric was too tight. Thus, sock #1 was finished (why? I will never understand) and then chucked to the bottom of the project bag.

Luckily socks #2 and 3 came out better. I cast on 70 stitches with the super-stretchy cast-on (instead of my usual 64 for most of the guys I know) and reduced down to 64 in the cuff. Then, the rest of the socks were pretty typical, except for the foot length–like I said, big feet.

Here are the 2 socks that survived! On dad’s feet! Shhhh, don’t tell him about the extra!


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2 Responses to Dad’s Three Socks

  1. Alina says:

    Yay for not giving up! 2 of 3 turned out perfect!


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