Summer Blankets

Summer is officially a week away!


In the meantime, a new blanket is in the works. Summer + Blanket? Oxymoron? Well, yes and no: it’s been about 55-65 degrees here for the last week and so, I’ve been personally fine with a bit of extra lap wool!


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3 Responses to Summer Blankets

  1. Bonnie Schmidt says:

    Being relatively new to knitting, I’ve only made two afghan blankets before. Both patterns said to knit with two strands together and the result was a nice full blankent. Should I do that with this blanket as well? Thank you!

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    • Hi Bonnie, I just used a worsted weight yarn for this and used a single strand. If you were wanting to make a worsted pattern using a lighter yarn (fingering weight, for example) you could hold two strands together and get close to a worsted weight. Have fun knitting!


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