KnitStars: New Online Classes!

You all know that I like to take online knitting and spinning classes–in part because getting to the fiber festivals or bigger cities where classes are offered can be tricky, particularly with work and childcare schedules.  I’ve discussed some of the Craftsy classes I’ve taken and, more recently, I reviewed a LIVE Curious Mondo dyeing course.

Well, I have some exciting news to share . . .

Just last week, a new class came over the wifi-waves: KnitStars, where Hannah Fettig, Stephen West, Romi Hill, Julie Weisenberger, Amy Small, Meghan Fernandes, Taiu Landra, and Julie & Jean-Francois Asselin will all be featured. By following the link above, you can access the first, free video to check things out. The focus seems to be *access* to the designers, their studios, and techniques.

I am very curious about these courses, mostly because it’s always exciting to see new knitting-related content on the interwebs. But the video quality is a bit off; so I am hopeful that the initial Skype sessions will be replaced by something more professional. If anyone signs up, I’d love to hear your thoughts! If I sign up, myself, I’ll be sure to post an in-depth review right here!

Happy fibering!

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