Our Warped Loom

Why yes, it was a grand undertaking and yes, it *looked* a bit of a fright early on, but thanks to the help of Beth (CU-Spinners and Weavers Guild member extraordinaire), we warped this baby! The process took us about 3.5 hours; Beth directed and Spencer did most of the work. I helped with the heddles for a bit while Spencer was working with Beth on the treadles. We both sleyed the reed (what a great expression . . .) and then Beth gave it a good, old-fashioned testing. Things seem to be working out so far! Spencer is already weaving away on the thing like it was his own musical instrument. He prefers to experiment, rather than fuss with patterns–something I *finally* understand. No matter how hard I try, I simply cannot make heads or tails of a weaving pattern. Maybe someday! In the meantime, I am enjoying the observer position–especially when I hear Spencer say “hey, come check this out . . .”

Here is a wee montage of some of the stages:


Lease sticks in ready for the warp and the cross.


Over the back beam, spread across the raddle (1/2 spaces for organization), then through the heddles (we did a 1234 pattern on our 4 shafts); same stage below, just from the other direction. Here, you can see the Amazing packing paper we used to separate the wrapped up warp–yes, I know, there is probably a real term for that . . .



Sleying the reed (we used a 10/inch) and tying off on the front beam


Checking our work . . . and admiring it!


Beth’s test weave! She was trying to show us a progressive twill that we have not been able to quite capture since she left.

Special thanks to Debbie and Sharon as well as Beth for helping to prepare the warp–we couldn’t have done it without all of you!

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3 Responses to Our Warped Loom

  1. BeeJeweled says:

    Looks great! And, he made a nice looking raddle too!


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