Handspun to Handknit!

Whoa! I have finally achieved some kind of nirvana: I am actually knitting with my handspun, crazy! AND, the 2ply yarn is thin enough to be used for a fingering weight shawl I’ve had my eyes on for a while now.


The yarn is one skein (and possibly two) of the lap waste I spun last month. I LOVE this yarn, even and especially including its imperfections (which I found while winding it into a cake). So far, it’s holding together and while it may not be the perfect yarn for this shawl, it just felt like the right pairing to me and one I am super excited to see through to its conclusion.


The shawl is the Geology Shawl by Verybusymonkey. And this one was love at first Ravalry click. All of her designs have a natural theme, it seems, right down to the Darwin shawl. To my mind, she has excellent taste in textured stitching. I may very well knit this shawl again in the perfect shade of MadTosh Merino Light that I had originally planned for this pattern.

And this is all perfect timing, because, as it turns out, my guildies are all working on shawls together this month. I’m in and loving this process of handspun to handknit.

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5 Responses to Handspun to Handknit!

  1. Alina says:

    Oh, congratulations! This must be so exciting – knitting from your very own handspun yarn! You must savour every single stitch!


  2. buggleboo says:

    Lovely! My handspun mostly sits around taking up space because it’s not that great but I can’t very well just throw it away. I’m just not sure what to do with a hundred or two hundred yards at a time of mediocre wool.

    I’m really excited to be introduced to this designer though- I haven’t seen her work before and I’m already in love with practically every pattern! My older daughter’s name is Darwin and her younger sister (arriving any day now) will have a science-y name too, so I particularly love those themes in these designs! 😀


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