Seconds Sale!

I love to find fiber deals and I am usually lurking on several FB groups just waiting for a destash album or a good sale! For about a year, I have been curious about a phenomenon called “seconds sales” that serve as pop-up shops for a few of the indie dyers I follow. These sales tend to be lightening quick and feature yarn and fiber that might have some small imperfection. For someone like me, small oops are no big thing! Especially if I am keen to try a dyer’s base yarn or see how their yarns work up, hold their dye, etc.

Recently, I found out about On the Round‘s second sale–it happened a few weeks back–and I was able to be there for the early start time. It was crazy, as things were “sold out” left and right–even out of my cart! It was like Black Friday at a major chain only without the elbows to the face 🙂


I managed to grab a few lovelies and I am so curious to see how they knit up. I love Rachel’s sense of color and to my eye, these are just perfect.

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One Response to Seconds Sale!

  1. RandomGwen says:

    Sounds like a stressy experience! I know a few yarn and spindle updates that are like that, makes your heart race! You managed to get some pretty skeins :).


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