Video Tutorial: Bobby Pin Kitchener Stitch Hack!

I’ve been traveling for a couple of weeks in England and France–and I promise some LYS visit info in the coming posts! Today, I have a video for you filmed on the last evening of the trip in which I finished a sock and needed a tapestry needle to close the toe. Mind you, I planned for this and packed just such a needle, having every intention of Kitchenering that toe just in time to start the next sock on the plane ride home. But, after 2 weeks on the road, there was no more tapestry needle in sight . . . Yep, you can imagine the panic: the only yarn I had was the variegated sock yarn with which I had been knitting, and so, placing all of the stitches on this “waste” yarn would have been rough, to say the least. But if I couldn’t get the sock off the needles, what in the world would I do on the plane for 8 hours the next day??!?

While searching my backpack inside and out, I found lots of things, including a bobby pin. Turns out, it’s just as good for things like toe closures 🙂 though I wouldn’t try weaving in any ends! In case you find yourself stranded without a tapestry needle, here’s proof that you can hack that Kitchener with some MacGyvered tools that you do have:

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2 Responses to Video Tutorial: Bobby Pin Kitchener Stitch Hack!

  1. Carie says:

    O that is so clever! Perfect for being on a plane where you can’t have a needle but could legitimately put a grip in your hair!


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