New Montana Fiber Festival!

Good morning everyone!

On this lovely weekend, I have a special treat for you, especially those of you who live in or near Montana (one of my dream states!), there is a new fiber festival coming your way next July! Kami Noyes of Ranching Tradition Fiber has decided to create and host the Copper K Fiber Festival in her sister’s newly renovated barn . . . and yes, I would love to find my own way to Montana next summer just to see this space and meet with these folks! I asked Kami if she would like to say a few words about taking on the (gargantuan!) task of organizing a new festival and she said yes! So, today, I have her words of inspiration and wisdom for anyone interested in making the trip to Montana OR making up your own festival.

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 8.45.14 PM.png

What inspired you to take on the task of developing a new fiber festival?
My sister started remodeling an old barn located on our ranch in the spring of 2015.   The barn was used as a lambing barn when I was young and holds many fond memories for me.  2016 will be the first year The Copper K Barn is opened for events.  After watching the progress and seeing the finished results of the remodel and with my love of fiber, it inspired me to host our own Fiber Festival. After chatting with area fiber artist I decided to just dive in and start planning the Copper K Fiber Festival. I have organized many local events so the only thing different about this one it is all about the things I love – fiber and history.

How are/have you approached all of the details and planning?
I have a very supportive following through my business, Ranching Tradition Fiber.  So I started asking lots of questions and created a Facebook group Copper K Fiber Festival (, I was lucky enough to have Betty Kujawa with Snowdrift Alpacas jump on board to help me with the major planning.  MK with Heritage Three contacted me to offer her help with my website, a place to have all the festival information and updates. It seems like if you need something and ask, people step up and offer their help. I have had many emails and messages offering words of advice, contacts, and support. We are giving ourselves a full year so we can make sure it is planned right and goes smoothly.

What will be unique about your festival?
We are hoping to make is a fun, educational, and a relaxing time in the Big Sky Country (Montana).  A place that everyone is welcome, if people feel welcome they will stick around awhile and hopefully tell their friends about it.

What are your favorite aspects of other festivals you have visited? 
All my favorite festivals were about the location and atmosphere.

Are you still taking applications for teachers and/or vendors?  
We just started taking applications for Teachers and Vendors.  Applications can be found on my website (it is a work in progress) or you can email me at for more information.

How and when can folks sign up for classes and events?
The event is free. Class fees will be set once we choose our teachers.  Teachers will be announced by November 1, 2016 and we will open sign-ups for classes’ right after that.

Contact information about the event.
Kami Noyes – Ranching Tradition Fiber – email

Betty Kujawa – Snowdrift Alpacas – email


I can’t wait to see how this event evolves and unfolds, Kami! Thanks for sharing your experience and some beautiful photos (below). If you have some time, jump on over to the festival website and/or Kami’s Ranching Tradition Fiber store to see lots of goodies 🙂

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5 Responses to New Montana Fiber Festival!

  1. Alina says:

    Oh, sounds amazing!!! I would love to be there… Someday, someday…


  2. I’m going. Get yourself to CO and you can ride along 🙂


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