Slip Stitch Socks!

I have had some delicious yarn from Sarah Black of The Queen’s Ransom in my stash for a while. Long enough, indeed, for Sarah to step down from her indie dying business (hopefully she will come back soon!) The yarn, “Zombie Peacock,” is funky and very variegated MCN (Merino, Cashmere, Nylon); and as I started knitting it up for some socks, I felt like the color was not being captured by my simple pattern.


I remembered something about slip stitch patterns being a good way to Showcase–and break up–variegated yarns. So I went internet searching! And this is what I came up with after looking through a few patterns:

CO 60 stitches (my foot size)
Round 1: Knit all stitches
Round 2: P1 *slip 1 purlwise wyib, P2* slip 1 wyib, P1
Round 3: P1 *K1, P2* slip 1 wyib, K1
Round 4: K1 *slip 1 purlwise wyib, K2* slip 1 wyib, K1
Repeat these rounds wherever you want the slip stitch pattern to appear!

I used a K1, P1 ribbing for the top of my sock and a (size) variation of Susan B. Anderson’s “How I Make My Socks” pattern for the sock’s main structural elements. I used the pattern for the leg and the top of the foot. And yes, to answer the question on everyone’s mind: I do have big feet 🙂

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