Video Tutorial: Polypay, Dyed and Spun

As you might remember, I dyed up some Polypay pencil roving at our C-U Spinners and Weavers Guild Dye Day. It’s about 2 oz of awesome, so not enough for a full skein . . . but I have not spun Polypay before, nor have I spun up any fiber I have dyed, and so, a 2 ox experiment began.

Given the way it was dyed (with a repeating pattern) I divided the roving in half–note, I did not split the roving, as it is already quite thin; instead, I just pulled the length apart in the middle. I spun each 1 oz portion on a separate bobbin and then plied the halves together. Voila!


Oh, and for those of you into natural fibers: I found it super interesting to spin some natural fiber again–especially after a few braids of superwash. I much prefer it, even if it comes out a little more wooly and wild and imperfect. Now, to skein it up and add it to my bag of minis!

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