Featured Friends

On the weekends, I often feature an artist or a farmer who is up to something exciting or new in the fiber community. Someone, in other words, that I think you all should know about!

Today, I have the distinct pleasure of posting about a lovely lady–and fiber artist–I know here in Champaign-Urbana: Beth Engelbrecht-Wiggans. She was one of the reasons I believed I could do this whole spinning thing and she has been a hilarious, awesome, inspirational force in our lives for at least a good long year now. She even helped Spencer warp the new loom!

Yesterday, I found out that Beth is one of the Featured Artists for Dharma Trading Co.!! You can check out the lovely post over on their site. Beth also has a terrific Etsy shop, Sheeps Creations; and for those of you who are locals, she appears each Saturday at the Urbana Farmer’s Market with Debbie (who sells beautiful jewelry, by the way!)

Love and hugs to the fiber community!

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One Response to Featured Friends

  1. Rain says:

    Oh I love hearing about fiber fabulousness on the old homefront! Thanks for keeping me in the loop…makes the prospect of moving back one day more appealing!

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