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My Great-Grandmother’s Crochet

Found among my treasures this weekend was a small roll of tissue paper containing my great-grandmother’s crocheted doilies. I gingerly unrolled the lot and found them to be in excellent condition–a testament to her and certainly not to my storage … Continue reading

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A Kindred Spirit!

“Kindred spirits are not so scarce as I used to think. It’s splendid to find out there are so many of them in the world.” ― L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables Yesterday evening, as I settled in to read … Continue reading

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Finding My Way, I Mean WIP . . .

I never thought I would be a knitter with unfinished projects. UFOs, we call them–aliens that we hardly recognize. But, years into this hobby, I must admit to a few lurking UFOs in my stash. I don’t often see them, … Continue reading

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Today, a simple question: why variegated yarn? Why? Why does it draw me in and make me want to pick it up, to buy it, to imagine it becoming something that somehow magically maintains the look of the beautifully dyed … Continue reading

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Operation Combination

I have made my selection and spun my first 4oz of fiber . . . operation combination is underway! Here is a wee image essay: the first two images are my two braids; the third is both braids laid out … Continue reading

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Video Tutorial: Spinning (with) Style

I learned a new spinning technique while watching the live taping of David Keller’s Curious Mondo class; so, naturally, I thought I would share! I call it overhand spinning, but I’m guessing this is a well-known technique with a more specific name … Continue reading

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Sheep . . . in an Ithaca, NY Cemetery!

My hometown is using a flock of Southdown Babydoll sheep to mow the grass! Yes! Click the photo to read the full story OR click here !!  

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Online Class Review: Turning Fiber into Yarn

This morning, I am heading to the farmer’s market for some of the best Cambodian food I have ever eaten. Yum. While I cannot provide smell or taste-o-vision here, I will be thinking of you all while I chow on … Continue reading

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Combination Plying

Of late, I have seen some beautiful yarn produced by combination plying. The end result looks a bit like fractal spinning, but the technique is even simpler. Now, I’m guessing many of you have another name for this technique–if so, … Continue reading

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New Class: Spinning with David Keller

A quick blog post for this Tuesday morning: if you (like me) are always looking for new classes and opportunities to learn about fiber, there is a new class underway this week! “Turning Fiber into Yarn: The Art of Spinning” … Continue reading

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