FO: White Ted’s Sweater

I am delighted to show you this cute sweater all finished up. Quick knit, this one!


It has raglan shaping–I’ve done this once before on Carol Feller’s Celtic Cables sweater–and I have to say: working on this sweater helped me understand raglan! I get it now and I totally want to knit up a plainish sweater jacket for myself, and may do so just in time for winter 🙂 I also want to experiment with other sweater styles that I have yet to try. This mini-sweater thing is great . . . for White Ted and me!

Pattern info: Purl Rabbit Raglan Sweater; my gauge with size 4 metal needles was close enough for a sweater of this size (bigger objects need more exactitude and care), so I knit according to the pattern. The only thing I changed was the raglan shaping: in the pattern, they call for a K2tog followed by a K1 and another K2tog. I went for a K2tog, K1, SSK to get the better angle on the shaping. The underarms are grafted (and quite well, I might add!)

Yarn info: Tanis Fiber Arts superwash DK merino from her Palette collection, which has since changed its color combos. Loved this jewel tone set!!

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8 Responses to FO: White Ted’s Sweater

  1. polwygle says:

    This comment of yours about totally getting it (the large sweater design after a small project) now fits in so perfectly with my thoughts not a moment before. I need to tackle the data, absorb all I can, then if I read a summary of the data – or make a sample – it all clicks and I can fill in the rest. It has to be hat order for me to truly understand. Thanks for the affirmation of my learning process…and the bear’s sweater is so cute. Have you seen Little Cotton Rabbits yet? Knitted animals in little knitted outfits. Love.


  2. White Ted looks extra dapper in his adorable cardigan


    • lissymail says:

      He is clearly made for modeling . . . but he has done so much more with his life and intellect. Lovely to have him on the blog 🙂


  3. kaktuscrafts says:

    Nice jacket!
    I’m crocheting a little jacket for my toddler’s Elmo doll right now too. I’ve been thinking about taking up knitting too. It seems more clean and smooth for pieces of clothing.


    • lissymail says:

      Oh crochet! I am not proficient, but I watch my good friend Jean whip out blanket after blanket! I am not sure about the difference in technique for garments, but I bet the jacket is super cute!


  4. knittedblissjc says:

    that is such a dapper little bear!! What a sweet idea, I should knit some sweaters for some of Lila’s toys.


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