Mini Mania!

A quick flash of a preview on this fine Thursday morn: my latest acquisition: mini skeins!

The burning question: What do you make with your minis? 


I purchased these for two reasons: 1) I want to test each yarn-maker’s or indie dyer’s yarn. A woman in one of my FB groups went to all of the trouble to spend big money on large skeins, use a little, and then offer minis to all of us. I wanted one of each–she had 150!!!–but I restrained myself and ended up with just 28 to add to my collection. 2) I want to invent a new sock scrap/mini skein blanket or pattern. Like most good sock knitters, I have an auxiliary stash of sock yarn scraps that will surely become something beautiful someday. These minis are a way to supplement that collection given that I can only knit so many pairs of socks a year.

Plus, I love the way these are labeled–I don’t even have to keep track!



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