Video Tutorial: Adapting a Pattern

Hot Pantz Math was so much fun that I asked my better half (and video-maker husband) to whip up a quick instructional video for  posterity. I am proud to present another installment in what he has termed the “Melissa Knits/Melissa Spins” series of videos hosted on his YouTube site!

In this 15 minute tutorial, I discuss the basics of pattern modification. If you haven’t tried it before, never fear! All you need are body measurements, a gauge swatch, a calculator, and the pattern you want to modify. Note: you can also invent a pattern using similar techniques! I’ve tested this method out on three of the four sweaters I’ve made and thus far had great luck with the techniques I use. Being able to modify a pattern has allowed me to knit garments that I like because they actually fit me–hopefully you’ll feel the same way. If you are already an expert modifier, please leave a comment with your own techniques, tips, and tricks so that we can all benefit from your knowledge! Some of my own favorite links to other bloggers and instructors are listed after the video tutorial, so scroll on down to the bottom of this post for more information.

If you are interested in other takes on modification, check out these other terrific bloggers, designers, and instructional videos:

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2 Responses to Video Tutorial: Adapting a Pattern

  1. Alina says:

    I am sooo bookmarking this post! I love modifications and it is always fun to play with math to customize the pattern for yourself!


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