Video Tutorial: Knitty Naughty

This is a guest post by Spencer

I think I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: knitters and spinners like their gear. They start out with a few sets of knitting needles, and you think to yourself “There is absolutely no chance the house will fill up with that stuff.” Before you know it, though, you’re lugging old spinning wheels back from the backwoods of Pennsylvania (I’m not making this up), placing them beside other spinning wheels, and then watching as things like the kitchen table get pushed out of the way to make room for the floor loom.

I see a time in the not so distant future when our house will be so thoroughly stuffed with fibers of various kinds (and fiber-related equipment), that we’ll be out back living in a tent. In the tent, skeins of yarn will hang from lines hung above our heads, and the clickity-clack of knitting needles we remain ever present.

But the thing is that I’ve contributed to everything that is naughty about knitting in that I’ve now made yet another niddy noddy. While the proper term is in fact niddy noddy, I prefer to think of it as a knitty naughty as that name conjures up all that is deviant, wild, and edgy about knitting. What knitter is not somehow naughty, especially when they pull out their niddy noddy?

So what is a niddy noddy / knitty naughty? Well, it’s for nothing less than turning freshly spun and/or plied yarn into tidy skeins that get artfully twisted up, adored, compared, squished, smelled, rubbed against cheeks, and then buried deep in the stash. The knitty naughty is naughty, then, because it is a fiber consolidation tool: it is part of the wicked process of moving big bags of puffy fleece toward the much denser bins of spun yarn, a trick that makes it look like there’s less fiber lying around when there is in fact many times more.

And it’s worse: This is the second knitty naughty that I’ve made. The first one ended up being a bit small, giving birth to truncated little baby skeins of yarn that I hear the other knitters and spinners all laughed at. So now there are two knitty naughties on the premises. “Can we get rid of the old one now that you have this big new one?” I shouldn’t have asked. Apparently the old, too-small one “might come in handy some day.”

Anyway, here is a video documenting the steps involved in constructing this new-and-improved niddy noddy / knitty naughty. Whereas my dwarf-like niddy noddy 1.0 turned out micro skeins, this bigger one produces legitimate 2 yard skeins, given the much more robust size of the Viking-like device.

Of course, there is room for improvement: When I get around to making Knitty Naughty 3.0, it will have to be 1) less beefy in terms of the dimensions of the wood, 2) a bit closer to square in all of its angles (this one is a tad off in places), 3) adorned with longer cross-arms.

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5 Responses to Video Tutorial: Knitty Naughty

  1. haha, I hear you on the house filled with fibery things!! My yarn stash totally over runneth. So much so I can’t even fathom getting more tools into the house, I have no idea where i would put them!

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  2. Debbie says:

    Well, Spencer. I noticed you have a few tools yourself! You get the garage, Melissa get the house! BTW, that Niddy Naughty is massive!

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  3. Roxane says:

    Much cooler than the one I made out of PVC and two three-way joins.


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