Man at Work




When he’s not reinventing the knitty naughty, Spencer has been hard at work on the loom. Right now we have it set up for all manner of twill and I’ve been thoroughly enjoying S’s spirit of innovation and experimentation . . . that, and the constant stream of YouTube weaving videos that he queues up in the evenings for us to watch together.

Tonight, he *even* broke out the Handweaver’s Pattern Dictionary. I am usually the pattern person, but not when it comes to weaving. So, when he came into the room wielding that book and asking me questions, I had to politely decline any and all weaving knowledge. Maybe the guild’s WWW study group is his best bet. I’ll keep working on that angle, methinks.

Happy Thursday, everyone!

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1 Response to Man at Work

  1. Alina says:

    This looks mesmerizing!


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