3-Ply 2-Ways

Mr Amazon and I are working on another “Melissa Spins” video for you. This time, the topic is 3-ply. I’ve made a few 3-ply yarns in the last couple of years; mostly from fleece or from lap waste–which meant that I was not restricted by color or ounce. After watching many, many of Rachel Smith’s podcasts, I have become much more interested in trying my hand at a 3-ply from a braid. She has some excellent techniques for stripping the braids (prepping them for spinning to preserve or accentuate their colorways). I have also been thinking back to my early spinning days when I knew pretty much nothing about fiber or twist. There were some tutorials that I really *hunted* for on YouTube . . . but I rarely found what I needed.

So, the next spinning wheel experiment and tutorial I wanted to put together is my attempt at a 3-ply 2-ways. I just picked up two 4 oz braids of Malbrigo roving (I’ll talk about the quality in another post–there was some pretty serious disappointment about the difference between the saturated *looking* colors and the massive amount of white space in the middle of the braid. (grrr) It has, so far, led to some nice heathering, but it’s not what I envisioned when I first saw the braids–buying in person does matter; I purchased these braids online. . .

Here is your teaser: the two 4 oz braids of roving divided for two different 3-plys using two different methods. Once I get this all spun and plied, we’ll have a look at the results and the process! Happy yarning, this fine Tuesday morning!


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