Spinzilla: Wednesday’s Report

I have finished about 3 oz. I am currently in the midst of a 4oz 3-ply. This has been a crazy few days! What I have learned so far is that Spinzilla pushes spinners to pull things out of the deep stash, to try some new techniques, to spin for the sake of experiment, and to produce a lot of yarn. My dear companion, Spencer, said to me yesterday “I’ve never seen so much yarn come flying off of that wheel . . .” Apparently I am also dreaming of fiber and talking in my sleep–or so he claims.

IMG_4764.JPGToday, I wanted to post about a quick experiment I did with some woolen prep and semi-woolen spinning using a short backward draw–something I have never really tried before. I found some mystery fiber in my stash–some taupe mill ends and some left over purple KnitPicks roving (from back when I had NO idea where to purchase such things . . .). They both had a fairly long staple length and, having just spun up the yak/merino sample, I knew that neutral (not white) and a splash of color could produce some excellent heathering in a 3-ply. So, I carded them together. This created about a 2oz batt that I wanted to spin semi-woolen (thanks for the inspiration, Rachel Smith!), so I went with the short backward draft. The single turned out quite fluffy and low-twist (given the staple length I didn’t want to overspin it).

And as I spun, I thought a lot about how to finish the yarn. I was spinning for Spinzilla, so wanted to be able to measure the yardage, but I also wanted to produce some interesting yarn and so, an experiment was born: I created four yarns just to see what I would get. That way, when I card and spin the next 4+oz bumps of gray and red with similar properties, I’ll have a plan for the finished product.

From right to left, I pulled off a single, a bracelet (Andean) 2-ply, a chain-plied sample, and a 2-ply sample in which I plied the low twist, wooly single with some left over purple merino. They are all quite different, and I can’t wait to steam-set them to see what they become! If I have time during this week, I have my eye on spinning up their sister fiber (that gray and red 4+oz) in one of these forms. I’ll keep you posted. Onward!


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