What Does 5KG of Fiber Look Like?

I mean, Spinzilla is almost over and I certainly *needed* to replenish the stash, right?

Also, I got a great deal on this fiber–it’s from World of Wool and it’s lap waste from their carding machines. Some of it is in great shape, most is in pieces. And it went on sale this past week! (As some of you know, I have been waiting for just this moment!) The sortign took about 3-4 hours. As for the existing stash, well, I sold off about 5lbs of fiber before I even ordered these bits and bobs. So, that’s about even, I’d say . . .

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3 Responses to What Does 5KG of Fiber Look Like?

  1. There’s nothing quite like the sight of an oversized WoW box! I was really impressed with my last batch of lap waste I got and was far too tempted by this offer… Enjoy!


    • lissymail says:

      it’s great stuff! And on sale . . . how could I resist?! Did you use some for your Spinzilla spinning? I feel like this amount *should* last me for a while.

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      • Depends how productive you’re feeling at the wheel! I used some merino and silk I had lying around in the stash and some other silk I’ve been meaning to spin for ages. Now I’ve got a blending board though, lap waste is a lot more useful!

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