Spinzilla: A First-Timer’s Perspective


I loved it. It was grueling. I tried a lot of new things. My spinning is forever changed.

I may not have produced the most yardage (ha!), but I took the week as an opportunity to test myself, to learn something new, to re-imagine my stash, to see just how much time it takes to spin up a skein of yarn (honestly, I had never really timed it before). Here are some of the highlights:

  • I tried out my *new* hi-speed whorl and learned how to adjust my wheel and my drafting! By the end of the week, all of the new movements felt very normal. The large purple skein and small blue skein are the results.
  • I spun and plied a lot of 3-ply yarn, something I had only ever done once or twice before. Because I love knitting textured pieces, a 3-ply is really better suited for my knitting projects and so, I am very glad to have produced a whole heck of a lot of 3-ply of various kinds.
  • I tried the short backward draw/modified supported long draw for the first time. What a technique! It’s fast and fun and a very cool feeling. I would compare it to letting go of the bicycle handlebars for the first time. The large white skein in the front of the photo and the handful of small purple skeins in the back were all spun this way.
  • I managed to finish my 3-ply 2-ways challenge in only 2 weeks (I spun one last week and one for Spinzilla); results, differences, and reflections coming soon!
  • I met some fun new people on my Countrywool team and found even more to love about the fiber community.
  • I was able to justify (ha!) the purchase of 5 kgs of fiber. Right. Yep.
  • Oh, and all that talk of being sore and tired–check!!

All in all: a great event full of community, discipline, experimentation, and fun. I know my spinning improved, but more importantly, my outlook on spinning changed, opened, and blossomed (aww, now there I go getting all cheesy! but it’s true.) I feel liberated, more willing to try things out, to use up bits and bobs and to realize the value of sampling.

Thank you Spinzilla, I can’t wait to see what next year brings!


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4 Responses to Spinzilla: A First-Timer’s Perspective

  1. Gorgeous skeins, I particularly like that blue and white. Glad you found it such an inspirational experience! I found it surprising how much Spinzilla encouraged me to just get on and give a few things a go and it was great spending that much time spinning as well.


  2. Alina says:

    Love the skeins! So happy you had a great time!


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