Video Tutorial: Bracelet Plying a 3-Ply Yarn

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Today, I have another brief video tutorial for you: how to use bracelet plying to create a 3-ply yarn. Bracelet plying, also known as Andean plying, is often used to finish off some singles left over on a bobbin. It can also be a great technique for changing up the color repeats in your fiber because you are plying from both ends of the single at once.

Typically, bracelet plying creates a 2-ply yarn, but this video shows you how to create a 3-ply and the same technique could be used to create 4 or more plies–depending on your number of bobbins and desired color mash-up. Below the video I show the small 3-ply skein I created using this method. You can check it’s color against the bigger skein to see that this technique brought out more of the greens and yellows, rather than the reds and purples.


More videos to come! Thanks for watching! If you like what you see, give me a thumbs up and/or subscribe to the knittingthestash YouTube channel 🙂

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2 Responses to Video Tutorial: Bracelet Plying a 3-Ply Yarn

  1. ooh, that is SO cool! I wondered how spinner get that beautiful, jeweled look to the yarn with all the vibrant plies. This is beautiful!


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