Combed! For the very first time . . .


My wonderful guild-mate, Cathe, lent me her combs for the week and I got right to work! How could I resist? It’s been a long road to combs, though. When I first started spinning and took up fiber prep, I thought “combs? those aren’t for me.” Hand cards and even drum carders seemed more user friendly. So, I acquired some used cards and Spencer and Steve built a drum carder.

I have come to realize that what I like to spin (right now) is mostly worsted yarn–not the weight, but the spinning prep and style. And so, carding is not the ideal fiber prep. I’ve tried semi-woolen from my batts and prepared roving, but, still, my go-to yarn is worsted until I raise my woolen skill-level (oh, and I will!) This is where the combs come in–worsted spinning is best with worsted prep, i.e. combed top. Thanks to Cathe, I have been able to  test out this new-to-me prep. And, my oh my, is it empowering. Here’s a wee pictorial essay of the evening. I’m spinning up the Corriedale puffs now for a 3-ply sample . . . more on that later 🙂


A big THANK YOU to Cathe! 🙂

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3 Responses to Combed! For the very first time . . .

  1. madgeface says:

    What a difference the right prep can make! I had the same hesitation about using combs, but took a class/workshop with Beth Smith where we did a breed study & tried all the methods of prep and that convinced me that I need a good set of combs.


    • Now, *that* sounds like an awesome workshop! I love Beth’s book on spinning and fleece. Which combs did you end up with? I’m thinking DIY . . .


      • madgeface says:

        Well, I cheaped out on combs and got a set from a Viking recreator on etsy. The tips are flattened and the combs aren’t very useful – I’m saving my $ for a better set, maybe Valkyries? Beth is a great teacher and is really fun to take a class with. I took that workshop/class when she still own The Spinning Loft, but she’s still active – it’s worth stalking her – she definitely made it worth every penny I spent!

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